GIRLS, LADIES, WOMEN! This is to you! STOP SETTLING FOR LESS! We are amazing (well some of us) and we should be treated that way. Women and girls these days are letting men call them all kinds of BITCHES, YAMPS, HOES, SLORES, WHORES, etc. That is #outtaline. It’s amazing how times have changed. Women walking around with their ASS AND TITTIES hanging out. Leave some for the imagination. You should know the thoughts on a mans mind when he sees you dressed like a YAMP. He is not thinking about taking you on a date so he can get to know you, he wants the GOODIES babygirl. I’m sorry but a CLASSY WOMAN will always win  unless he is 1.) A DUMBASS 2.) A REAL THUG (you know they like the ratchet ones) 3.) JUST THIRSTY. Classy is not always stuck up, walking around with your nose in the air thinking you’re better than everybody. Classy is carrying yourself as a well respected woman. Now one thing I will let you know is if you can’t cook, you better take some classes. There are very few men that want a woman who can’t cook. When he’s tired from a long day at work, he won’t always want take-out or pizza. He’s gonna want a home cooked meal sometimes, some of them all the time! Another thing, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. He does not want a statue for his woman. Now don’t be childish, there’s a difference between being childish and having a sense of humor. Yes I’m single, only for a reason. I keep running into LITTLE BOYS. OH LORD, I could go on about this topic all day but I need to get ready to go back to the AGG. To be continued………….